Why with a tourist guide in the age of the Apps?

panorama valter1

I dedicate this post to the people from all over the world I have met during my career as a tourist guide. I thank them for have chosen to spend part of their free time listening to me. It’s not just that I enjoy being listened to. What I like is sharing my passion for my territory, its artistic treasures and its traditions. These beauties are not important merely for their aesthetic value – which should be enough, in my opinion, since beauty heals our soul. Above all, they are important because they reveal our identity. And here comes the reason why I’m thankful to the foreigners I meet. When I talk to them, our different cultures mirror one another. In their eyes, I can sometimes read amazement for the beauties they see. Some other times I can read their puzzlement about certain aspects of our culture. This way I get to know my identity and my culture more deeply and I understand what are the things we as Italians, as Florentines, did well and what we can improve. I get to know myself more deeply and I hope this happens to the people I meet too. Differences have always enriched human beings.

This is why I don’t think Apps can replace a tourist guide in the flesh. Apps are  inexpensive, fun, practical, interactive… they give you a lot of interesting and accurate information, maybe even tips. However, they can’t give you the opportunity to come into contact with a different culture. Through the stories told by a guide, you can have first-hand emotions, first-hand passion, first-hand hopes, all of which are straight from the guts…

panorama valter

The pictures you find in this post were taken by my friend Walbrasky, with whom I share a deep passion for our territory

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